Buyback Policy

Textbook Buyback Guideline Agreement

By submitting a buyback order, you agree that the books meet the following criteria.

Books we do not buy:


Extremely damaged books

Broken bindings

Missing pages or loose pages

International editions

Books with ripped pages/missing pages

Instructor Editions or Teacher’s Editions- Even if our system accepts these books, we will not accept. Please check for black tape on the cover as this is used to hide the fact that it is a teacher’s edition

International editions

Customer Editions

Books with extreme odor (smoke smell)

Missing cover/ripped cover/portion of cover missing

Water damage/staining on more than 10% of book

Misprinted books/ Books with misprinted text

Binder Edition / Loose Leaf / A la carte :   We will not accept loose leaf books in which the pages are loosely packed in a box. They must be contained in a binder or original packaging.   We will not accept any loose leaf books with tears or missing pages (including the front and back cover)

Partial sets. You must send the complete set


If you are sending in an access code by itself- it must be an unused code (cannot be opened or scratched off)- MUST BE SEALED

Books must be valid U.S. student editions. We do not accept the following:

  • Counterfeit Textbooks
  • International Edition Textbooks
  • Review Copies
  • Instructor’s Editions

Books we do buy:

  • Used Books with normal wear
  • New books
  • Minimal highlights or writing on pages
  • Non Fiction books
  • Stickers on cover/slightly damaged cover
  • Binder Edition / Loose Leaf / A la carte : Books must be in original packaging, packed in a binder, or neatly packed together in order. If books are loosely put in box or a bag, we will not accept. Books must contain front and back cover and not have any rips or tears on pages.

If a book cannot be resold due to excessive damage, we will be unable to buy it. If you have any questions regarding this please contact us .

*If a book violates our buyback policy and we are holding it for you, you have the option to have it returned for $8.95 per book.

Even if our system accepts the book at checkout and we accept the book, it must not violate this buy back policy or we will refuse the book.

Shipment Loss or Damage

Textbook Cashback is not responsible for books that are damaged or lost in transit to us. We do recommend that customers purchase insurance and tracking numbers for all shipments at their own expense to protect from lost or damaged packages. Your  Payment will not be issued for books that do not arrive to us.

Do not ship in a priority mail box or express mail box with USPS. USPS will not deliver these due to the additional postage they charge with a priority mail box or Express mail box. 

We have a no tolerance policy for counterfeit books. If we do receive a suspect counterfeit book, we will send it to the publisher for verification. If the book is counterfeit, the publisher will not return the book to us and payment will not be sent. We will not mail your book back to you if it is a suspect counterfeit book.  If the publisher finds the book is authentic , we will send payment.

Quantity of books

We do not accept more than 1 copy of one ISBN in one calendar year(Over a period of 365 days).  If you make multiple orders to attempt to send more than 1 copy, your orders will be cancelled.

If you are sending books to us, you are agreeing that they are in our possession. If you send the incorrect ISBN, send the wrong books, or make a mistake on your buyback order you will not be able to have them returned to you.

Price adjustments

We do not increase price offers on books. We make no exceptions.

We are only able to send payments in USD to US mailing addresses and US Paypal accounts.

We have the right to refuse books under our discretion.

Bulk Seller Policy

Please contact us about our bulk seller policy if you plan on placing more than 10 orders or selling more than 5 copies of an ISBN in one calendar year.

Buyback policy subject to change